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who is no 1 actor in tamil nadu



The list of most wanted actors in the film industry in Tamil Nadu is now being held by the government, who have started holding a screening for the film personalities and their fans who want to know who is no1 actor in tamil nadu.

In the past, Tamils have been known to be very superstitious, especially when it comes to choosing actors, and so it is a little odd that no one is on the list. A list of actors to watch out for in future films is also being created, but it has already been announced that Amitabh Bachchan and Arjun Rampal will be the first actors to be added to the list.

The film stars Aishwarya Dutt, Manoj Bajpai, Sushmita Sen, Vimal Ganesh, and Ram Charan have joined the list.

The only film I’ve seen that has been on the list is _Rajesh Varma_ (2007), but there’s a lot more films on the list. This one was the most watched ever, and it gave me an adrenaline rush at the end of the day, although I was surprised by how fast it went.

One thing people who love Hollywood and want to be in a Hollywood film can do is get an agent. Many of the actors who have already been cast had an agent, and there were two other actors who I have heard have been cast and have signed on. One of them is Rajinikanth.

The other was _G.G.S._ which is an Indian action movie starring _G. G. S._’s Mr. Vishnuvardhan. He’s been in a few Tamil films, and is making a comeback. The one I heard was _G.S._, and I was surprised how many Tamil films it had.

For a while now I haven’t heard of _G.S._, but this is the first time I’ve heard of it. It’s a movie about a gangster who is shot in the head, and is now trying to live a normal life as a gangster again. I guess that’s the only way to get his heart back.

The reason I asked was because there is a rumor going around in the Tamil film industry that Rajinikanth is going to be the lead actor in _G.G.S._. The rumor says that he has been approached by M. Rajan, a distributor, to take on the lead role.

It has not yet been announced, but it is quite possible that Rajinikanth could be the lead actor in _G.G.S._ I’m not sure I believe the rumors because it seems pretty unlikely that an actor with Rajinikanth’s talent, charisma, and looks would be the lead role in _G.G.S._, but I am sure that someone else did the job on his behalf, and it is still possible.

The rumor about who the lead actor will be in _G.G.S._ is not true, and it is not going to happen. However, that doesn’t mean that the rumors can’t be true. It is completely possible that someone else has been asked to take the lead role. But that doesn’t mean that he has to be Tamil.

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