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bird flu maharashtra



The latest news on the bird flu outbreak in Maharashtra is troubling. The bird flu virus may be spreading to the south. The latest numbers are that there are over 1,500 suspected cases of the disease and more than 100 people have died and more than 500 cases are under investigation. So far, the outbreak appears to be limited to India and is contained to Maharashtra.

The news is a bit concerning since India is currently the worst affected country in the world. Just a couple of weeks ago, the United Nations was able to confirm that there were more than a thousand flu cases in that country. This new outbreak is much bigger and seems to be spreading through more places.

The news comes as India’s government is in the midst of a national lockdown to try to contain the spread of the disease. The U.N. has confirmed that there are more than 900 cases of the disease in India, which is a larger number than the one reported from the United States. The two largest states in India are Karnataka and Maharashtra. The government is now looking at what additional precautions they can put in place before it closes schools and businesses to prevent the spread of the disease.

According to the United Nations, India has the largest number of cases of bird flu in the world. However, it is suspected that the virus may have originated in Europe, but it is unknown exactly where. In the U.S. (where the virus originated in 2007), it was discovered after the first case of bird flu in the country.

Bird flu is not just a virus. It is a virus that is carried by migratory birds like the great blue heron, which is why the bird flu virus migrates with them. The great blue heron is responsible for one-third of the bird flu cases in India, and it’s believed that the virus has also been carried by bats.

This is only one reason why bird flu is a big problem for India. The virus, which is spread by contact with the infected bird, is transmitted to humans via droplets of saliva from infected birds. This means that if you happen to be in close contact with someone who is infected with bird flu, you could potentially be infected.

The bird flu is spread mainly by infected birds, which is why we’re talking about the great blue heron. But the same virus has also been found in bats in India. If you know someone who is infected with bird flu, you should take this to mean that the virus has also been carried by bats in India.

In addition to the great blue heron, the CDC is warning people to be careful about who they eat, how they travel, and how long they stay in an area. The bird flu virus has been found in a variety of bird species, including the great blue heron, which could mean that the virus is also found in the bird population.

This is a great reminder that there is a serious problem with health care. If you’re in a state in which the flu is deadly, you need to be alert to the fact that the virus can spread quickly. People who are infected are not immune to the virus, so it’s also important to have a way to get the virus out of people’s bodies and into their own homes.

The WHO reports that the virus has been found in great numbers in a variety of animal species, including the pheasant, which is the bird most affected by the virus. This particular bird is the second most popular bird for the virus, after the pheasant, and is the bird the virus is most easily spread through. It’s also the bird most associated with the disease.

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