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abdul majith



This article is very informative and very interesting, you will get some good points. I was able to see that this is a very important subject. It is not only because of your knowledge and your experience, but because of how you present it.

Thanks for the article, I am very interested about how you have made this content. You have made it very easy to read and to understand.

I agree. In fact, it is so easy for me to understand because he is a very intelligent and interesting writer. He has a great knowledge of the subject. Thanks for sharing this article.

abdul majith has been a great writer in many other articles, but this is the first time we have seen him as a whole person. He is very, very passionate about the subject and we have seen him try to live out his dream as well. It’s great that he has tried to make a change and has really tried to make it happen.

One of the ways that the writing world is evolving is that people are more aware of their own capabilities and the writing skills they have. I think that is one of the reasons you see so many more writers today, is that they are recognizing that their writing abilities and experiences are their own, and that they are much more able to use that to help other writers.

If I had to name one skill that is important for writers, writing is definitely one of them. When I was in school, I think I was one of the people who got the biggest “aha” moment when we were talking about how to create a story. I would write, then I would read it, then I would think to myself “Oh, that made my point.

I know I’m a latecomer to the writing scene, but I think I’m one of those people who does a little bit of everything. I can’t say I’m the best writer or the most skilled writer, but I think what I do is pretty useful. For example, I can write a good screenplay, and I can write a good book.

For all the things I can do, I can make a good story, too. When I read a book, I can look at the story and think “That makes sense.” I can look at a screenplay and think, “That makes sense.” I can look at a script and think, “That makes sense.” When I read a script I can look at the story and think, “That doesn’t make any sense.

I think the best advice a writer can give is to try to do just enough. In other words, try to write compelling stories and stories that make sense. The best writing I’ve ever done was a story about two brothers who had only one job in life, and it was to steal from each other. I read the manuscript and was like, That makes sense.

I know this is the first time I’ve said this, but I think the best advice I’ve been given in writing a script is to just make it as clear as you can. To me, that means making sure the characters understand what they’re going to do and why they’re doing it. It also means making sure the story makes sense, but in the best possible way, and this is where writing a script can get tricky.

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